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A stunning sunrise splashes light on The Cliff House Pavilion and Spa building.
The Spa Café offers meeting space for up to 175 attendees and boasts a breakout balcony with expansive ocean views.
Warm rocks, hand-picked off Bald Head Cliff, soothe aching muscles during The Cliff House Resort & Spa’s Stone Massage.

The Getaway That Takes Care of Business

Ogunquit, Maine — Since the late 1800s the coast of Maine has been the ultimate getaway for corporate titans and captains of industry. The Cliff House Resort & Spa in Ogunquit offers a contemporary take on this time-honored tradition with an oceanfront spa that offers today’s corporate guests a chance to relax, restore and enjoy a taste of Maine.

Just as those early visitors came to Maine for it restorative benefits, today's businesses recognize that incorporating spa treatments into the meeting agenda contributes to employee health and staff morale. Spa treatments are seen as a great perk and have now replaced golf as the most popular activity at corporate off-sites and events. A soothing spa lets eventgoers be solitary and self-pampering — or bliss out and bond.

“More and more, spa activities appeal to both genders and can often provide networking opportunities,” says Charlene Banulis, Director of Sales and Guest Services.“The spa allows co-workers to interact in the way they enjoy on the golf course or the tennis court.”

The Cliff House Spa, on 70 acres oceanfront acres in southern Maine, draws on its spectacular surroundings to offer unique specialized treatments. Using ingredients indigenous to the Maine coast, such as blueberries, wild roses, juniper, and sea stones from nearby Bald Head Cliff, the spa’s menu includes everything from a Maine Blueberry Body Wrap to the Atlantic Well-Being Package.

The Cliff House Spa offers full service treatments as well as a-la-carte services that can be incorporated during meeting breaks. A few examples are: a 5-minute ‘Coffee Break Chair Massage’ to help attendees recharge and refocus; a 15-minute ‘Corporate Stretch’ with a personal trainer to help promote alertness and creative ability, and a ‘Rise and Shine Morning Walk’ to start the day off on the right foot.

Spa services can be offered throughout the day or during certain blocks of time based on the conference schedule and what is most convenient.“We work with meeting groups on the spa itinerary and try to be as flexible as possible,” said Banulis.

“Spas offer a great opportunity to include healthy activities into meeting agenda,” Banulis says. Here are some thoughts to consider when incorporating spa activities into a meeting plan:

  • Work with the spa to offer a variety of options and treatments for your group. You may be able to arrange for shorter, mini a-la-carte services if free time is limited.
  • Ask the spa to help your group prepare for their visit by sharing a list of frequently asked questions. The spa can be intimidating for first time visitors who don’t know what to expect. Let attendees know that it’s fine to call the spa in advance to ask questions or discuss policies.
  • If the company is picking up the tab for the spa visit — which is often the case for corporate meetings — tipping is generally left to the individual attendee.
  • Encourage attendees to give as much notice as possible if they need to cancel or reschedule, as they would for any appointment.

Updated January 2012.