Frequently asked spa questions

This is my first time at a spa, what can I expect?
When you arrive at the Spa, you will check in at the reception desk and you will be asked to fill out a brief questionnaire. This will allow your therapist to know about your medical background. Please note that all information is strictly confidential and will be used solely for the purpose of your treatment. Then you will be escorted to the locker room to change into a spa robe and sandals. As you wait for your treatment, you will be invited to spend a few minutes in our quiet room overlooking the ocean — where you can sip water or tea and relax. When it’s time for your service, you will be directed to your treatment room and introduced to your therapist. Your therapist will then leave the room to allow you to disrobe and make yourself comfortable under a sheet. Your body will be covered at all times during the treatment, with the exception of the part of your body that the therapist is treating. This will be exposed for treatment and then re-covered.

How far in advance should I book my spa treatment?
In order to be most able to accommodate your schedule, we recommend booking Spa services as far in advance of your arrival as possible. Non-hotel guests wishing to schedule Saturday appointments may only book 24 hours in advance.

How early should I arrive for my spa treatment?
Arriving 30 minutes prior to your treatment will allow you time to fill out the medical questionnaire, change into your robe, and enjoy a few moments of calm before your treatment begins. In consideration of our next guest, we will need to complete your service at the originally-scheduled time. Arriving on time will assure that you receive your full treatment.

How do I prepare for my spa visit?
We suggest you wear comfortable clothing and that you do not bring jewelry or valuables to the spa. You will receive a spa robe and sandals for your treatment and a locker for your belongings. Spa locker rooms are equipped with all the amenities you’ll need before and after your treatment.

Will someone be available to help me decide which treatments are best for me?
Yes. Our Spa Coordinators are trained to assist you in choosing the services that best suit your needs and interests.

Can I ask my therapist to make adjustments for my comfort?
Absolutely! Your therapist will appreciate knowing your preferences regarding room temperature, pressure, technique, etc. Your feedback is essential in providing you with the best service possible.

What is the Spa’s cancellation policy?
We ask that you give us at least 24 hours notice when canceling your appointment. Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be billed at full charge.

How should I tip my therapist?
Gratuity is left to your discretion and should be based upon your satisfaction with the services you receive. Guests often use fine dining gratuity (15-20%) as a guideline.