The Cliff House Cookbook

The Cliff House Cookbook, 'Dining at The Cliff House', 2009 edition. A collection of recipes inspired by the Maine coast.The Cliff House Resort & Spa is celebrating its 1872 beginnings with the latest edition of its cookbook titled Dining at The Cliff House: Food that has delighted guests since 1872.

The deliciously down-east cookbook features recipes from the oceanfront resort’s rich history — like tomato aspic, a summertime classic — as well as fresh, inventive dishes including the resort’s own spa-inspired cuisine.

The 72-page cookbook is beautifully illustrated with old-time photos of big city rusticators in their bathing costumes or taking in the salt air, parasols and all, and includes anecdotes that tell the origin of each recipe.

Order your copy of Dining at The Cliff House via email or by calling (207) 361-1000.