Lobster on the menu fresh from the Coast of Maine.

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Bald Head Cliff Corn Chowder
Summer days on the beautiful Maine coast bring sweet corn for this chowder recipe. We use fresh, local corn when it’s in season, but you can use the frozen substitute. Still delicious!

Blueberry Sangria Lemonade
This is a refreshing twist on sangria that features light, summery ingredients.

Chilled Maine Blueberry Champagne Bisque
Was there ever a berry as delicious as the Wild Maine Blueberry? We think not! These tiny berries grow on sixty thousand acres in Maine’s barrens, primarily Downeast. Here at The Cliff House we look for every conceivable way to bring them to the table. This heavenly-tasting bisque can last in your refrigerator for a week. Or add champagne and serve as a poolside drink. Oh, but don’t try to replicate this by using the big, fat blueberries from other states — only the Maine Wild Blueberry will do.

Grilled Chicken & Blueberry Salad — Spa-Inspired
Wild blueberries used to grow in abundance here on the property and were part of many a recipe over the decades. The use of Maine Wild Blueberries continues today in spa treatments and in our chef’s cuisine. This recipe combines the nutrition of grilled chicken and the powerful antioxidants in blueberries in a spa-inspired, light and lovely salad.

The Cliff House Clam Chowder
Our Chef won a coveted award at the Boston Harbor Fest for entering this recipe. He was served the third place award; quite an honor when you consider all the great chefs competing that day. He usually makes 15 gallons at a time, but here's a version for you to try that will serve 5 bowlfuls to hungry people, or 10 cups as a starter.

Lobster Sauté In Hazelnut Crumbs
Guests at The Cliff House have always enjoyed the many ways we prepare and serve lobster. Here is one we introduced as a special that has become our most popular menu entrée.

Brown Betty
We might be listed in Guinness’ if we could calculate the endless number of traditional desserts which have emerged from The Cliff House kitchen since 1872 when Elsie Jane Weare peeled the apples herself. Classified as a pudding, fruit Betty’s are an American culinary treasure. There is no more irresistible fragrance than that of an Apple Brown Betty in the oven.

Lil Weare’s Orange Cake
The Methodist Church suppers were always sellouts, as was their charming cookbook, “Our Favorite Recipes.” Even though Aunt Lil was a Baptist, her orange cake found its way into the cookbook via a parishioner, T. Collins, which just goes to show that great cakes are ecumenical!