The perfect meeting starts right here at The Cliff House Resort & Spa on the south coast of Maine.

If you have never planned a meeting before it can seem like a daunting task. We have helped guests plan countless meetings and events, and find that these tips help the process go more smoothly.

Focus on your agenda:

  1. Budget — Establishing what you have to spend is critical to helping us help you plan.
  2. Number of attendees — Tell us the number of people attending, and we can help you select the room (or rooms) that are most appropriate for your group.
  3. Purpose of meeting — This dictates what we can provide to assist you.
  4. Requirements — We will ask you questions about room set up, audio/visual, food and beverage and if VIPs and/or spouses will be included.
  5. Activities — After your meeting your group may want to get active here at the resort or visit nearby points of interest. We offer many options.

We can help you plan a meeting that fits all your needs. Our job is to make your job look easy. We welcome your inquiry and look forward to hosting your next meeting here.

Note to seasoned Meeting Planners: Do you have tips for people that are new to your profession? Let us know, and we will incorporate them on our Web site.